We had such a positive experience with HTHC’s yoga teachers, and the youth’s feedback throughout the summer really affirmed our intentions of integrating yoga into our regular programming.

-Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Youth Programs

I want to share with you how wonderfully our first yoga class with Hands to Hearts went. It was better than I could have ever imagined. We had four participants, which is a big turnout for our community, especially when it comes to trying something new. Our yoga teacher was so thoughtful, welcoming, and kind.  We are looking forward to the rest of this series. Thank you so much!!

-St. Francis House, Women’s Center

Before the yoga session, I felt a bit anxious and stressed from the morning. After the yoga session, I felt relaxed, with a sense of relief. I felt calm and peaceful.

-HTHC Youth Yoga Student

Before the yoga session, my energy level was low because my mood was down at the time. After doing the yoga, my energy level increased because it got me moving, and by stretching and focusing on breath helped me clear my mind and feel strong, peaceful and more calm.

-HTHC Youth Yoga Student
Everyone deserves to feel relief from stress and anxiety.
Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.
Everyone deserves to feel strong and peaceful. 

Everyone deserves access to the healing benefits of yoga.

HTHC was founded to share the transformative benefits of yoga with those who don’t have access to this healing practice. In addition to yoga classes being expensive, there are few yoga classes offered in low-income communities or to those living with trauma, and substance use disorder. The pandemic has only made these inequities more apparent, with virtual yoga and fitness classes challenging to access for many communities. This is why HTHC works individually with our community partners to custom design yoga series (either virtual, in-person or a hybrid) that meet the needs of each specific community!

To date, HTHC has provided over 5,000 free, trauma sensitive yoga classes to Greater Boston’s most underserved communities suffering from the effects of poverty and trauma: homeless men, women and children, women living in domestic violence shelters, students of high-poverty schools, children with special needs, adults in treatment for substance abuse disorder, incarcerated men and women, and veterans.

Will you help us continue to serve Greater Boston’s most underserved communities suffering from the effects of poverty and trauma, and the continued effects of a global pandemic? 

Your contribution is critical in helping HTHC fulfill its mission of bringing yoga to the people, transforming yoga for social justice and equity. We have no idea what 2023 has in store but we know that HTHC will have to remain focused, adaptive, and creative to respond to the ever changing needs of the communities we serve. We also do not yet know what the long-term impacts on individual and community health and wellbeing will be as a consequence of this pandemic, but we know that HTHC will be there with our communities to help mitigate them.

What your gift can do:
  • $1000 – Provides 20 trauma-sensitive yoga classes to women living in a domestic violence shelter
  • $500 – Provides 10 youth yoga classes at a high-poverty Boston Public School
  • $250 – Provides a monthly virtual Adaptive Yoga class for individuals with physical limitations
  • $100 – Provides a scholarship to a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training for a Community Yoga Teacher
  • $50 – Provides donated yoga mats for one HTHC Community Partner

This year, we have secured a $2,500 matching-gift challenge, doubling the impact of your donation!

We need your help to continue the important work we do: increasing access to the healing benefits of yoga for those who have the least access to it. Will you help us continue fighting for social justice through the transformative power of yoga? Hands to Heart Center volunteers can make it happen with YOUR help! 


Susan Lovett

Hands to Heart Center Director & Founder

PS – To make your donation go even further, check to see if your employer has a matching gift program!