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Apply to becomeĀ a Community Yoga Teacher

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Note: As Hands to Heart Center is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, we require a $10.00 application fee to subsidize our free and accessible yoga programs. After you submit your form you will be prompted in your confirmation e-mail to pay your fee through PayPal.

Hands to Heart Center Community Yoga Teachers are required to carry general liability insurance. Please email proof of insurance to

Teaching Status (required)

What is the name and location of your 200-hour yoga teacher training program? (Required) Please email a photo of your yoga training program certificate as an attachment to

Additional Certifications and/or Specialties

How long have you been teaching yoga and approximately how many yoga classes have you taught?

Please provide 2 professional references. These do not have to be yoga-related.

What inspires you to volunteer with Hands to Heart Center?

How did you hear about HTHC?

What is the name and location of the yoga studio where you practice most often?

An HTHC representative will contact you to share orientation dates once we've received your information. Through the orientation, we will introduce you to the organization and answer any questions you may have.

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Request Classes

Hands to Heart Center charges our Community Partners a one-time $20 administration fee and the following amounts for our yoga class series:

  • 8 class series: $360 ($45/class)
  • 10 class series: $400 ($40/class)
  • 12 class series: $420 ($35/class)

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Name of Agency/School/Program

Address of Agency/School/Program

How did you find out about Hands to Heart Center?

Please share with your request details regarding population, space, days, times, number of classes, and any other information that would be helpful for us to know:

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