Alana Johnstone

I first started attending yoga regularly after the passing of my dog, Abby. I needed to express my grief and spend my new found time in a positive way. I started twisting and stretching in ways that woke up many dormant areas in my body. I started to feel blockages in my body that needed tending and compassion. I discovered the connection between the physical and emotional bodies and how they are deeply intertwined. I began to feel the importance of my breath and voice as a means to locate and remove blockages in my body. I experimented with many forms of yoga until I discovered Forrest Yoga after taking a class taught by the beautiful and talented, Karuna O’Donnell, in 2012. I knew after taking a couple of classes that Forrest was the best practice for me.
I attended the Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher Training in May of 2014. The FYTT meets with the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program requirements. I am in the process of working to become a certified Forrest Yoga teacher. I have a strong interest in sound healing and energy work and am Reiki attuned level II. I also practice meditation and attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation in 2013. This is the physical meditation technique of the Buddha and is truly profound.
I am very grateful to my community as they have supported me emotionally, physically and financially while I discovered the interior landscape of my universe. I intend to give back and seek to spread love and share knowledge with those open to receive.