Kelsey Laubenstein

Yoga gave Kelsey the gift of true self-love and gratefulness. Once you live life in love and gratefulness, magic begins to happen- your perception of life changes, you change, and windows of opportunities open.

As a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher- Kelsey’s intention is to provide a safe, welcoming, powerful, challenging, and loving environment. Yoga is for everyone. Kelsey teaches all levels of Yoga from first time beginners to advanced practitioners. Music has the ability to alter moods and vibes, so Kelsey brings rad music of all genres depending on the theme of the class. Yoga enhances the body, mind, and spirit. Kelsey will bring spirituality and inner higher consciousness during guided mediation in conclusion to every class. Expect to leave Kelsey’s class feeling open, energetic, and joyous.

“My whole teaching is this; accept yourself, love yourself, &celebrate yourself”- Osho

For private lessons, group classes, events, & workshops both in and out of home contact Kelsey directly through email:kelseylaubenstein@gmail.com . Look out for a Kelsey’s Facebook fan page in the near future.