Kerrie Baldwin

Kerrie loves nature and all it’s gifts, animals (especially her dog Pennie!) humanity, astrology, the outdoors, the beach, the sun and moon, life and yoga! Yoga has taught her many things; We arrive with all we will ever need within. The true task is to find our way back there. Her wish is to be a guide for students as they mindfully reconnect to their own inner light. Rooted in the belief that yoga is a practice as is life, best seen as an adventure containing challenges testing our strength and building our wisdom. In maintaining gratitude for all we encounter, accepting our struggles without judgement, Knowing we have the capacity to breathe thru any discomfort, finding balance and nurturing, We Heal Ourselves. Kerrie’s classes will invite grounding, opening, strength, challenge, nurturing, meditation, and peace. At times incorporating Reiki and guided meditations she will accompany students on the journey to balance as they shine their brightest lights.