Yoga Love Boston


This summer, we’re kicking off a fundraising campaign called Yoga Love Boston by asking Boston yoga studios to host HTHC benefit classes throughout the next year. Our goal is to have at least one studio per month host and promote an HTHC benefit class, spreading the message about our organization and the benefits of yoga for all.  For each of our free HTHC classes, we provide all of the yoga mats, blocks, blankets and straps along with an HTHC Class Kit containing LED candles, essential oils, mat cleaner and cloths and lavender eye pillows. Funds raised through HTHC benefit classes will go towards purchasing these supplies for our free classes. 

The message to the public of this campaign will be “Boston yoga studios are sharing the yoga love by supporting Hands to Heart Center’s work of increasing access to the effective resource of yoga for people living with poverty and trauma in Boston.” HTHC will promote the supporting studios through our social media accounts, HTHC Volunteer Updates and HTHC Newsletters. We’ll also add participating yoga studios to a newly created Yoga Love Supporters page on the HTHC website. We’ll include your studio’s website link, logo and any photos or text you’d like to send us. 

We request that you identify a date and time for an HTHC benefit class that works best for your studio and identify a teacher who would be interested in leading the class. We’ll then highlight that teacher in our social media, as well. We’ll provide an HTHC volunteer who can assist with student check in and with  the class if this would be welcomed by the teacher. The volunteer will also be available before and after the class to answer any questions students may have about Hands to Heart Center and the Yoga Love Boston campaign.

We can make the HTHC benefit classes feel more special than typical yoga classes by asking students at the class to take photos with signs stating  “I’m sharing the yoga love in Boston!” We can create the signs that would include your studio’s logo and HTHC’s logo. Students could also be photographed making a heart with their hands and post them with the hashtag #yogaloveboston.  We can continue to develop contact fun, creative ways to cross-promote Hands to Heart Center and your studio and we’d love to hear any ideas you may have.


If you’re interested in hearing more about our campaign or participating, contact us here:
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